Our philosophy

Our vast experience and storied traditions in viticulture and winemaking had their beginnings in 1884. This coupled with our aim of always producing the best possible quality at honest prices, have helped shape Grillette Domaine de Cressier’s philosophy. Our philosophy is backed up by a highly motivated team aware of their responsibilities as much in the vineyard as in the cellar.

Our Mission Statement

With a surface of around 20 ha, we only harvest a volume that corresponds to a “petite récolte”. We do not irrigate our vineyard.


  • Grillette works according to the rules of integrated production (IP), which means respecting nature. We do not use any acaricides or insecticides.
  • The green harvest (pruning of some extra grapes at the beginning of the summer) is part and parcel of our work always focused on top quality.
  • Grapes are always handpicked, paying our greatest attention to them.
  • We strive to keep our grapes intact during transport to the press. That is the reason why we only fill our boxes up to ¾, or about 13 kg.
  • We ensure that grapes are carefully destemmed and pressed (delicate and careful extraction).
  • We do not purchase grapes, must or wine from other producers.
  • We are aware that the quality of the grapes depends on the yield.
  • We know the exact specifications of our own grapes, as well as the caring they received and we know that the final quality of the wine depends on the quality of the grapes by 80 %.
  • We work mostly with new French oak barrels. We completely abstain from using oak substitutes.
  • We have been working in the wine industry since 1884 and we are continuously incorporating innovations and improvements.


Nothing can replace the emotion we feel while tasting a wine that expresses unforgettably its vintage as well as its careful ageing in French oak barrels. Judge the veracity of our philosophy yourselves. You will discover fabulous wines, even if some of them are only available in a small quantity. We dedicate ourselves to the path of excellence in quality, from the quality of final product to the quality of our work. We do not look for high volume harvests so as to lower prices. If we did so, we would be losing what we do not want to abandon under any circumstances, our vocation for top quality. This is, as a result, what pushes us to accomplish the necessary progress even more competitive and always more exclusive. We engage to honouring our reputation of “Les Horlogers du vin” (the horologists of wine) for our love to Grillette and watchmakers.



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